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7696035616_05ec9a9d3d_zFriends!!  Relatives!!  Clients!!  Fever!!  Legionnaires!!  CSN PHILLY!!  DON’T START DRINKING THE PUNCH!!


I am nipping this is the ass before it happens so PLEASE stay with me!!  Look, guys, I get it.  You have probably been searching for material with the lack of competitive play on the part of the Phillies but don’t start feeding people false hope…Again!  Kevin Cooney?  REALLY??  “The Phillies need to get on a 5 or 6 game winning streak for me to think they can make the playoffs?!”


Where in the hell have you idiots been for the last two seasons??!!  They need to go on about a 15-game winning streak for me to think they have a shot of not being in last place this season!!  This is NOT the team that made it to the World Series or the subsequent playoffs the years after, yet it looks like a geriatric version.  Howard is batting .238, Rollins .247, Dom Brown .223, and Shane Victorino, A.K.A. Ben Revere, well, a Cabbage Patch Kid has a better on base percentage than he does.  Also, Hamels, while pitching well, isn’t the guy in 2008.  Lee has never been the same since he gave up the lead in the Cardinals NLDS game and now coming off injured reserve.  Burnett is 39 so that concerns me, and Hernandez and Kendrick are competing for your #4!  Papelbon is a serial killer in the making and not a single person on the entire Phillies staff knows how to manage your bullpen and young pitching.


As for the manager?!  Well, I’ve said it before.  I wanted to see what he did and I gave him a chance while on a short leash.  You have still not been able to get this team to play fundamental baseball!  Yes, they are playing well right now, but it will be these mistakes along with AGE that will ultimately be the downfall of what will start playing out shortly after the All-Star break.  Did you see Nieves today?!  That’s what happens when you are 37-years old!  Sorry, but just a fact.  If you don’t think a couple other players are doomed for that kind of fate, then you are just in fact drinking the punch.


This team needs to get YOUNG and they need to do it quick because the product they have put out on the field for the last few years has been nothing less than disappointing.  What I don’t understand is why, while watching the trend in attendance levels and the outpour of negative emotion around the community, did they stay down this path!!  It is the decision that will leave us scratching our heads with three more years of Howard and Ruiz, and probably one more with Rollins.


I would trade Lee, Hamels, and Utley without blinking an eye at this point.  If Howard’s contract only cost me half, I’d move him and let Ruf own 1st base the rest of the season.  And for God sake if you send Giles back down for any reason whatsoever, I will lambast this organization for the rest of my life!





-Quimby & The Green Legion

Jun 19, 2014 | Category: Phillies | Comments: none


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