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FIFA World CupAnd just when you think you can’t find a sports organization more corrupt that the NCAA, haha, well, let me introduce you to FIFA!


So everyone knows, as these blogs continue to hit social media, I will usually stay on a sports kick, but sometimes light needs to be shed on things that take place behind the world of sports.  In some cases, you’ll find that in the effort to promote sportsmanship and competition, laws will be made.  Laws will also be broken.  Trails and trails of dirty money will rear their ugly heads and last but certainly not least, people will DIE.


You want to know WHY I don’t give one shit about the World Cup?  It’s not because I’d rather watch two house flies try and fuck as opposed to watching a long, drawn-out chess match on foot.  It’s not because it gives the Northern Liberties hipsters a reason to clog up craft beer bars believing hacky-sack is the deranged, ugly, ginger sister of soccer.  It’s not because every stupid hot chick on the planet likes the sport because the hottest guys play it (don’t worry, none of them will read this article anyway).  It’s because someone has recently and officially seated the IOC as the most corrupt sports organization on the planet.


FIFA, run by the same guy who when asked how the Women’s World Cup could make strides to be as popular as the Men’s said, “maybe if they wore shorter shorts,” is a “non-profit” just like the NFL, NHL, and the PGA.  Actually, Major League Baseball used to have that status too, but you have to report salaries of your top execs when under the NPO blanket so they dropped that distinction real fast.  FIFA has over a billion dollars in the bank and calls ALL the shots on where stuff gets built, what takes place, etc. etc.  Is everyone aware of how many people in Brazil are homeless as a result of this WC?  Rising rent prices and forced relocation being the two largest causes.  Did you know Brazil banned beer at its soccer games because of the mounting death toll as a result of intoxicated fans (and this country gives Philly fans shit all the time)?!  Guess who sponsors FIFA?!  That’s right boys and girls – BUDWEISER!!  Guess what FIFA told Brazil?  “There’s no negotiating here.  Beer WILL be sold at games!”


Let’s talk about Manaus…a historical gateway for the Rainforest traveler.  This city was chosen by FIFA after pressuring the Brazilian government, to host FOUR, that’s right, FOUR World Cup Games, with a stadium cost of almost 300 million!!  Why?  No one really knows for sure, but traditional soccer games hosted in this town’s former stadium that FIFA required the destruction of, only amounted to about a thousand people.  Not to mention the fact that over half the national average of this towns’ inhabitants live in slums and one out of four houses doesn’t have running water.  What they do have now though is one big eye-sore that will become what John Oliver affectionately referred to as the “biggest bird toilet” in the world.  A painful reminder of culture lost and something that will be impossible to generate anything to help the local population.


And if that’s not enough, let’s talk about Qatar!  For those not completely up to speed with this, FIFA declared Qatar as the host location for the 2022 WC!  This after the speculation that execs took bribes in excess of 250 million dollars to name this the destination.  Qatar in June averages over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sorry, but you can’t play any sport in those conditions other than “Search for Water” which hasn’t made its way to Xbox or PlayStation as of yet.  Futbol is a RELIGION, is it?!  Well, if construction deaths for Qatar’s WC facilities stay consistent for migrant workers from Nepal and India from now until the start of the 2022 games, over FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE will be dead!!  This is an average of over one per day since construction started in January.  This dwarfs the death toll of U.S. citizens in the Iraq conflict since 1991!!


You like soccer, huh?!  Can’t wait for the World Cup, huh?!


Not saying you’re part of the problem, but you certainly aren’t part of the solution.



-Quimby & The Green Legion

Jun 17, 2014 | Category: Sports | Comments: none


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