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What a difference five years make, huh?!philadelphia_sports


Now that the US’s hopes in the World Cup are done and 95% of those who watched won’t give two shits, once again, about soccer back in the states, we are left with the Big Four to discuss…Or are we (make sure you read the end)?


It’s 2008 and the Phillies, who were getting better every year, help us RIP the proverbial monkey off our back!  The Eagles, seemingly pissed off about their neighbors taking the crown before them, make a run for the ages as a #6 seed busting up the Vikings and Giants in their hood, and being only a Larry Fitzgerald away from facing off against our neighbors to the west for the Lombardi Trophy!  The Phillies, although losing, make another hell of a run and had one other pitcher besides Lee and one other batter besides Chase show up, that would have been two in a row!  Well, no way the Flyers sit on the sidelines and in 2010 make their own run for the ages after being down NOT ONLY three game to none against Boston, but down three to zero in game SEVEN against Boston!  The Phillies lose a frustrating NLCS against the Giants and the following year, the NLDS against the Cardinals which was the last time you saw an effective Ryan Howard.


Since then?!  Ughhh….


Phillies don’t make the playoffs in 2012, finish under .500 in 2013, and, well, are currently sweeping out the cellar this year and have an ownership squad that’s more worried about attendance levels than wiping the slate clean and righting this ship.  The Eagles “Dream Team (thanks Vince Young)” went eight and eight followed up by a four and twelve and further divided an already racial town with Michael Vick at the helm.  The Flyers felt a Bruin retaliation in ’11 and although did a nice job of wrecking the Penguins’ playoff hopes in ’12, we all knew there was no real chance of them going deep.  AND, well, then there’s the Sixers, who did the only thing right this year by TANKING!!


Christ, it’s enough to make you want to drink!  Oh yeah, forgot…Basically what I do for a living!


SO…Is there ANY hope?


Well, let’s start from the bottom and work our way to the top.  The Sixers?  I don’t know?  I think it’s pretty funny that they will be going into this year with another center that won’t play the entire season!  Yes, that would be THREE YEARS IN A ROW!  I mean, Sam Hinkie certainly orchestrated an amazing tank, but I think we can all agree it is much easier to lose than to win!  Fortunately, I DO like the pick of Joel Embiid at #3 but I can barely tell you how to spell Dario Saric.  I think some Sixers’ fans were expecting picks that would immediately help this team.  It’s not happenin’ you guys.  Unfortunately, only time will tell on this one.


Phillies…LOST CAUSE!!  If I were them I would dump EVERYONE?!



The Flyers, well, I’m not an Ed Snider disciple like many of the Phaithful are.  I do have my doubts that Hextall will get to build this team the way he wants.  I think all orders come down from on high and until Snider is no longer captaining this ship, well, playoff “runs” are about what you can expect even though I think they finally have the goalie they needed for a VERY long time.  At least we don’t have to worry about Gingervitis trying to take down half the city’s population of decent looking women anymore.


And then there’s the Eagles!  Ahh, the Eagles.  Well everyone, this is your hope!  This is your beacon…The light at the end of the tunnel!  I know…Lane Johnson…Stupid move made by a kid.  Trust me…That one won’t be as stupid as him getting married at the age of 23!  Take a page out of Russell Wilson’s playbook.  He got out of THAT contract right before he signs his new one!


Outside of that, you have a defense that’s gelling with emerging young players like Brandon Boykin who had SIX interceptions last year!  Honestly, I’d like to think the defense isn’t THAT far behind the offense.  Maybe this is the year we see Fletcher Cox emerge as the player we ALL want him to be and maybe Bennie Logan and Cedric Thornton ARE the real deal!  Personally I can’t wait to see what Kendricks does this year and MAYBE, just maybe, we’ll see Trent Cole pick up where he left off last season.  Perhaps Malcolm Jenkins is the real deal too?!


The offense?!  Well, if you asked this self-proclaimed expert, Foles should be going on year FOUR as a starter but nonetheless, I think he has his “sea legs” now!  I CANNOT WAIT to see what he does with the addition of Darren Sproles and again, JORDAN MATTHEWS!!  I give it less than this season and Matthews is your #1 receiver!  YES, you heard it here first.  And NOT because of injury.  If you haven’t read my article pertaining to him, CLICK HERE and you’ll understand.  Shady, stay healthy brother and we do HAVE the best all-around running back in the league!  By the way, your receivers in the red zone are now 6’4”, 6’5”, 6’3”, 6’3”, in Celek, Ertz, Matthews, and Cooper, with only Jeremy Maclin coming in at the “Reid Era” receiver size norm (6’0”).  Ummm, THIS IS NOT YOUR ANDY REID RED ZONE OFFENSE!!


And of course, the coach!  Chip Kelly will be under scrutiny until he wins.  It’s what happens when college coaches move up in the ranks.  Not worried!  Like him…Always liked him…And I think his best days have not arrived yet!


Philly, sit back and start realizing that February through July are simply filler months where you should get in shape, spend time with family, AND STRETCH OUT FOR TRAINING CAMP!  It might be the only show worth watching in this town for quite some time!


Of course, if you are a sports fan, like this writer, you do find other methods of entertainment and perhaps this might raise an eyebrow to an opportunity.  Philadelphia DOES have a professional sports team that DOES have a championship under their belt as early as less than a year ago!  This team plays outside and enjoys the benefits of beer at their games along with plenty of burgers and barbecue and even has a very friendly cheerleading staff that goes into the stands and has fun.  They won the USARL Championships last season and there’s plenty of free parking at a beautiful field in Conshohocken!  This would be your PHILADELPHIA FIGHT RUGBY TEAM and the experience is that which you would find at something like Bright House Field.  It only costs $5 to come in and every athlete is as happy you are there as they are to be playing…The difference between rugby players and every other athlete on the planet.  You can check them out!  You’ll enjoy the hell out of yourselves!


-Quimby & The Green Legion

Jul 02, 2014 | Category: Sports | Comments: none


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