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I never read Friday Night Lights… Now I will NEVER read Friday Night Lights!


I don’t care if you’re a Pulitzer Prize winning author… I don’t care if you’re from Philadelphia… I don’t care if you think you are some “mega-journalist” and I don’t care if you look at yourself in the mirror and get an erection!  What I do care about is drama where none needs to exist because you are too much of a girl to take “no” for an answer!


I’m not going to post a link to his article, but it’s the reason why Philly Mag is, well, Philly Mag.  As long as you have self-fulfilling blowhards like Buzz Bissinger writing for you, well, yeah, you get the point.  In short, Buzz requested an interview with Nick Foles and was denied.  Afterwards, he seemingly lost control like a little girl who just got dumped by her boyfriend.  He spouted off in an article longer than the New Testament about the following, all insinuating that Nick doesn’t have what it takes to win a Super Bowl:


  • Foles didn’t get in trouble in high school… Was more of a “nerd” than a football player.
  • Foles didn’t play with any black kids in high school.
  • He’s doesn’t have fire like Pujols and LeBron (which he constantly kept telling us about his interviews with them… thanks… no one cares).
  • Foles doesn’t have enough 4th quarter comebacks.
  • Foles has never won a big game.
  • Foles comes from privilege and that’s a bad thing.
  • Foles would be better off being out and about in the club scene getting in trouble.
  • Foles is a chicken$h1t.


You mess with Nick Foles, you mess with The Legion!!  This is a guy I have petitioned for even though dumba$$e$ like Brian Baldinger were CLEARLY biased in last year’s preseason games.  WHY?  Well, because I was RIGHT!  So let’s address each one of these, shall we?


Foles didn’t get in trouble in high school… Was more of a “nerd” than a football player.  Well thank God he was raised in an environment where he didn’t have to get in trouble all the time.  Maybe that’s not his thing.  Maybe flash isn’t what he’s all about (as opposed to your leather problem (weirdo)).  This is coming from the same guy who had to go to rehab because he had a SHOPPING PROBLEM!!  A SHOPPING problem!!  You moron… You didn’t even have the common decency to have a cocaine or heroin addiction?!  You had a shopping addiction?!?!?!  Turn in your man-card NOW!!


Foles didn’t play with any black kids in high school.  You’re an a$$hole!  Race has absolutely nothing to do with this!  You are just trying to spin this like every zombie”esq” product on the market.  Tell people what they want to hear Johnny because I haven’t done anything worth a $h1t in over a decade!!  Your credibility as a journalist has been eradicated after this remark.  Ummm, in case you didn’t know, the college ranks where he played had black kids.  Not sure if you noticed that.  They were the ones that had a much better tan than the likes of you and I (putz).


He’s doesn’t have fire like Pujols and LeBron (which he constantly kept telling us about his interviews with them… thanks… no one cares).  Again, don’t care who you’ve interviewed.  There have only been a thousand other writers that have interviewed both of these guys.  Maybe it’s important to “journalists” like you and Missanelli as you were stroking the hell out of each other yesterday.  You want to impress me?  Get Jesse Jane to sleep with you outside one of her films without having to pay ten grand that you could only get if you sold off some of your awful wardrobe!


Foles doesn’t have enough 4th quarter comebacks.  Congratulations Captain Obvious!  He also hasn’t played in enough games to even have that statistic!  Perhaps you didn’t realize they went 7 and 1 the second half of last season.  THERE WAS NO NEED FOR A 4TH QUARTER COMEBACK (tool)!!


Foles has never won a big game.  Oh I love this one!!  He is referring to a Texas State Championship and a couple bowl games… Because bowl games are in fact a great indicator of equivalent talent.  I think we’ve already established that the NCAA probably deserves to be in the “dumba$$” category along with this fool!  Hey, BUZZ!  You don’t think beating the Cowboys in their stadium to win the NFC East in the final game of last year and go to the playoffs was a big game?!?!  Of course you don’t… Because you don’t know d1ck about sports!  Oh, by the way there Richard, Foles executed a 4th quarter drive against the Saints with a 3-yard touchdown pass to Zach Ertz with less than five minutes to go in last year’s playoff loss.  He never took the field again.  By all accounts, that’s a comeback and a win for him.  You wouldn’t understand that though (numbnutz).


Foles comes from privilege and that’s a bad thing.  It’s a bad thing even though his father was a self-made millionaire.  He didn’t inherit it.  He worked at it!  Oh… Brady, Manning, Manning.  Those names ring a bell?  They didn’t have it too hard growing up.  They DID play with black kids in high school though so that stands to reason they have a better make-up than Foles (a$$-munch).


Foles would be better off being out and about in the club scene and getting in trouble.  Buzz, have you ever met Michael and his sh1thead brother Marcus?!  Ever go to Rumor to hang out with them?  My guess is no because you would have been treated like the chubby girl with a flat chest!  Did you hang out with either of them at the birthday party in Virginia Beach?!  The one where Tony Dungy admitted that Vick had done something wrong that was in clear violation of his probation?!  Never said what but I can show you that interview!!  Yeah, the club scene is about as good for an athlete as a Twitter account.  There are some that aren’t but the majority of athletes aren’t the brightest on the planet!  Sorry, but it’s a fact if you have ever hung out with any of them.  So yeah, club scene?  Great idea!  There isn’t a better idea in the world than to put a few testosterone-filled adolescences in a room full of half-naked girls that every guy wants to take down.  Now add alcohol.  You’re an idiot again!


Foles is a chicken$h1t.  Only chicken$h1t here would be you Buzz!  There is nothing more chicken$h1t than trouncing a man’s reputation, work ethic, and family, because he doesn’t fit the mold of a recently dumped b1tch with a shopping problem!


Let me give some words of advice… Ask DeSean where acting like an a$$hole has gotten him closer to winning a championship!  Maybe Vick who is now playing for the JETS!!??   J – E – T – S – SUCK SUCK SUCK!!  And remember… Nick is from Texas!  This is a very RED and CHRISTIAN state!  Maybe he didn’t want that interview because he doesn’t take too kindly to your orientation with those outfits you wear?!  I’m just sayin’!


Lay off Nick Foles scumbag!!  You mess with him, and you mess with the entire Legion!!  Nick, I just bought your jersey!!!

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