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Jordan-Matthews-and-Chip-KellyAs an Eagles’ fan, I think we can all agree when the organization made its first pick at twenty-six and selected Marcus Smith, many of us either shook our heads, stood there like a deer in the headlights, or tasted a little of our last meal.  This not-so savory blend also got to sit with us for twenty-four hours until at forty-two, what I will predict right now, will go down in Eagles and NFL history as the biggest steal of this draft!


Why such a bold prediction?  Vanderbilt is known a hell of a lot more for its nursing program than its football history.  And it’s certainly not because, unlike other writers in the area who are as full of shit as a dog park bag, I am a student of this school’s football program.  What I will use however, is a simple thought process called deductive reasoning.  It’s a general train of thought that allows the intelligent to appear even smarter, by actually trying to break down the pluses and minuses of any situation.  CLEARLY, there are some amazing attributes to point out about this kid:

  • ATTITUDE – I’m not sure Roger Goodell enjoyed the back-pounding he took when Jordan was selected.  Personally, I enjoyed the hell out of it.  Along with the emotion was a little air of anger.  If you didn’t see it, you were just going through the motions on Day 2 or were five Fireballs deep by then.  He hasn’t said it, but I think he’s pissed he fell that far.  Nothing better than a player in a specialty position with a “Chip” (no pun) on their shoulder from Jump Street.
  • SIZE – Many of you may not be convinced with going into the season with Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, but we are A LONG WAY from the days of James Trash and Todd Stinkston.  An element I could never understand with the Andy Reid philosophy which was smaller, faster players.  This guy is a STUD!  At 6’3” and close to 210 pounds, and turning 22 on July 16th, we are looking at a beast in the making.  I guarantee the red zone offense is going to be something we aren’t discussing in a negative manner this year.
  • PEDIGREE – I think Jerry Rice is a complete jerkoff!  Sorry, but when you went to Seattle and asked if you could wear Steve Largent’s retired number, you lost it for me.  You weren’t there to do anything like you did in San Francisco.  You were there just to earn a few more bucks before you called it a day.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean your nephew can’t learn from the best.  I am quite certain your ego has translated to numerous on field lessons and that will never hurt.  PLUS, Rice’s name will ALWAYS be associated with Matthews.  HE HAS TO PERFORM just to keep up.  I love this aspect!
  • FINALLY, WHAT YOU DIDN’T THINK ABOUT – “Yeah, I love this guy!  He played in the SEC!”  Nice job numbnutz.  Glad to see you can read and watch TV!  But how about the REAL analysis?  He played AGAINST the SEC elite!!!  No one is discussing this and I don’t know why!  If you played for Florida State, in all likelihood, you were beating teams to a pulp on a regular basis and your stats should be padded!!   THIS KID CAUGHT 206 passes in his junior and senior year playing AGAINST South Carolina, Georgia, Ole’ Miss, Tennessee, Florida, and Auburn!!  Not to mention the biggest point…Who else did Vandy have on offense or at least at the Wide Receiver or Tight End position.  That answer would be NOBODY!!  Defenses were double-covering this kid all day and he still yanked down almost ten receptions a game!

Eagles fans, sit back and enjoy the hell out of this ride my friends!  It’s going to be a good one!


-Quimby & The Green Legion

Jun 13, 2014 | Category: Eagles Players | Comments: none


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