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A very special Green Legion story all of you will enjoy today, Veteran’s Day

We all have our personal triumphs and tragedies.  If you have been with The Legion for any length of time, you know the enormous amount of respect and admiration we have for our Armed Forces, Police, and Firefighters everywhere… Past, present, and future.  Today we salute all of our Veteran’s and for me, that extends to my sisters and brother-in-laws and I am also thankful and glad to say that my sister’s last surgery from breast cancer was Monday.  Love you Wendy and get well soon!  Connie, love you too and this year will be a better one, I promise you that!


Outside of my personal messages, yesterday was a very special day for us at The Legion.  Many of you have met, became friends, got married, and some have been able to share some bonds a little more special.  In an Eagles Nation that doesn’t have a whole lot to be happy about right now, I’d like to share with you a very special story that will tug your heart strings and further reinforce what ALL of you should already know and it’s our servicemen and women are the backbone of this country and what I believe all of you should emulate.  The degree of humility and respect they have for this country and everyone in it should teach all of us a lesson and that is that we are all a part of something bigger.


I am very proud to live in this country and be surrounded by so many great people.  I hope you enjoy this story…


About six years ago I had the privilege of meeting a gentleman named Jeff Boyle.  Jeff is a partner at PWC and soon after we met, he took a position in their Tokyo office and quickly moved away before he and I could become great friends.


We shared a friend in common in Mark St. George who also works for PWC and Jeff emailed us both one day and basically said, “When the hell are you two coming to see me?  I’m only here for another year and a half!”  Mark and I got on the phone and booked our trip to Tokyo.  Six days in Japan and many spirits later, the three of us obviously became better friends.


Over the years we have made it a point to see Jeff whenever possible and in March, after he took another position within PWC in Hong Kong, we went there for twelve days to really see the Far East and catch the Hong Kong Sevens, an awesome international rugby tournament and the city’s largest sporting event of the year.  Matter of fact, the Saturday of the games, everyone in the South Stands dresses up as a theme!  It resembles what most of us know as Tour de Shore in Avalon combined with football fan intensity.


After another trip and awesome times, I emailed Jeff to talk about the Eagles or something like that.  He told me he broke his knee and was a bit laid up.  I wished him well and asked him if he needed anything and he said pretty simply “no.”  It was a couple weeks later when I heard from Jeff’s dad via email that Jeff’s “break” was actually a pretty freak accident that shattered his knee apart and had been in the hospital for a couple weeks and was going to be there even longer.  His dad wanted nothing more than to let all of us know what happened and asked us to reach out to him in hopes of bringing up his spirits a little.


You see Jeff is the kind of guy who won’t tell you when something is bothering him, never keeps score, and never asks for anything.  He took it to this level even when he knew he was going to have to learn to walk again.  At that point, since Jeff had become friends with so many fellow Legionnaires, I sent out an email to our entire database and took his address off.  I told everyone what happened and asked just for fellow Eagles fans to reach out to another who was 7,000 miles away and tell him a joke, talk about the Eagles, say hello… Something just to lift his spirits.


The response was great for Jeff (thank you all of you) and where all of the kind words, gestures, jokes, and stories were all equally meaningful to him, one stood out more so than any other and it just so happened to be the first one he received.  It came from fellow Green Legionnaire, Captain William Demps, who was at that exact moment, stationed in Afghanistan.  Jeff was amazed because here is a guy risking his life every day yet he had the time to reach out to a fellow Eagles fan in hopes he could brighten his day just a little.


One of the things he said was, “life is all a matter of perspective, while you’re in a hospital it might seem bad, but you could be in Afghanistan and only get a toilet and the internet once a week; you’ll get better and we need you for the season!”


Well, that was enough motivational fuel for Jeff who we can all thankfully say although he has a bit more titanium in him than he did before, is walking and walking well.  Perhaps everyone needs a little “military motivation” every now and then.


At the same time, Jeff owns a condo in the Cayman Islands.  He wanted to thank Captain Demps for everything he did so he offered his place to him whenever he wanted after his return from his deployment overseas.  It was not only for his email and motivation but simply a small thank you for what Captain Demps already does in serving our country.  That return was approximately three weeks ago.  Jeff’s father, Ron Boyle, handles reservations for the condo and through conversation, Captain Demps and Ron found they had common ground as Mr. Boyle also served in the Army.


In appreciation back to the Boyle’s, Captain Demps wanted to do something special and on July 4th, 2012, flew his unit’s American flag in honor of Ron and Jeff Boyle and sent the Declaration to them.  I don’t believe you need to serve in the military to understand the amount of respect displayed with this honor and obviously, all were on the path to a great friendship.



Unfortunately soon after that, Mr. Boyle had a heart attack.  Jeff obviously did the same thing that his dad did for him and reached out to everyone via email asking them to reach out to Ron and keep his spirits up.  Jeff had a 16-hour flight from Hong Kong and wasn’t going to make it there right away and was obviously concerned for his father’s well-being.  That was when the phone call came in.  It was from the field in Afghanistan where Captain Demps, hearing the news of his new friend’s misfortune, found the hospital number, called him, gave him well-wishes, then did as any “good Captain” does and “ordered” Mr. Boyle to get better!  Once again, still having never met the Boyle’s, went this far out of his way to reach out.


Needless to say, that phone call once again stuck in the hearts and minds of the entire Boyle family.  The continued conversation led to a friendship being built on the only common ground, being Eagles fans.  To me?   I think it’s pretty damn cool everyone.  And thankfully, Mr. Boyle is doing very well and should have been playing golf a couple weeks ago (hint hint Mr. Boyle)!  Yesterday, at McFadden’s Ballpark during our tailgate, Captain Demps and Ron Boyle met for the first time.



From Jeff:


“The one thing we all share in common that goes above and beyond is our connection to The Green Legion and the Eagles.  That’s the bond that tied 3 people some 7,000 miles away from each other and on 3 different continents.”


I’m proud as hell to have some extremely small part in this story and I would like to personally thank the Boyle’s for their friendship and to Captain William Demps and ALL our servicemen and women for everything they do.  At this time as well, I’d like to ask any of you to play a small part in this story.  Having never asked for anything, I’d be honored if you would reach out to Captain Demps today if nothing else other than to say thank you.  He deserves that recognition every day, but more so today than others.  His email is or “William Demps” on Facebook.  There will probably be a few “William Demps” so just go to my friends list and you will find him there (Craig Quimby Chenosky).


One final note… I think some people are a little reluctant to say something to people in uniform more so because they don’t know what to say.  I could be wrong but I think all you need to say is “thank you.”  I think those two words mean more to them than anything.


Happy Veteran’s Day to all past, present, and future.  We thank you!

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